in/out (a feeling)

12 - 30 Jan 2016
Tues to Sat

‘You ever had this?
A Feeling?
Not a headache,
Not a,


Ollie is a man trapped in a world of recreational drug use and health issues, Blue is a woman trapped in our world. Together they share a feeling. They just haven’t figured out what that is.

In/Out (A Feeling) is an explosive exploration into London’s sex trade, told through the perspective of the consumer and supplier and supported by Unseen. A charity working towards a world without slavery and supporting those affected.

Andrew Maddock is a playwright. He created the Off-West End nominated ‘The Me Plays’ in 2014 and is a drama facilitator working with young people at risk.

Niall Phillips is the artistic director of Lonesome Schoolboy Productions and an associate director at the Drayton Arms Theatre.

4 Stars – ‘The rhythm of Maddock’s words tumble in a mellifluous fashion, chiming with humour and heart, joy and tears. This work signposts a wonderful new talent on the theatre stage.’ – Islington Gazette on The Me Plays

‘Lonesome Schoolboy show that their talents can make even difficult texts brim with life and curiosity.’ – Grumpy Gay Critic – Face to Face

Box Office opens at 7.00pm. The performance lasts 70 minutes without interval. No re-admittance once the performance has commenced.


Over 18s only.


We are pleased to announce a rehearsed reading of the next exciting instalment of Andrew Maddock’s Off West End Award nominated THE ME PLAYS as a post show event on Weds 27 January straight after that night’s performance of IN/OUT (A FEELING)

The reading will begin at approximately 9.15pm and will last 40mins. Entry will be for IN/OUT (A FEELING) ticket holders ONLY so make sure to book a ticket for the night’s performance to guarantee entry.

THE ME PLAYS are a series of monologues featuring the character of ‘Me’ as they navigate their way through life and the trials and tribulations they overcome on the way. This is the first full length ME PLAY focusing on a Female Me and is titled Irn Pru.

‘Pru’s got issues. Her heating’s been shut off cause of a new super Waitrose past the wee little American Top Golf in Bearsden. Pru needs tae get a job. She also needs tae work on her timekeeping, and stop swearing…. And why is she wearing a Viking Helmet??? – Set in Glasgow, Scotland. Irn Pru is the story of a woman overcoming the odds and making life work. In one of the coldest places on earth.’

the wild party

10 - 28 Jan 2017

Grimy Jazz Age masterpiece THE WILD PARTY is the story of vaudeville dancer Queenie and her jealous lover Burrs, and the final fatal party they throw in their seedy apartment.

Jazz standards mingle with syncopated rhymes in this new piece based on the classic poem by Joseph Moncure March.

richard parker

22 & 23 Jan 2017

Two men. One name.
Two men meet on the deck of a ship. Both named Richard Parker. Little do they realise that their coincidental encounter is one piece in a longer chain linking the two individuals to each other. The LONDON PREMIERE of a razor sharp black comedy that builds to an unexpected climax.

strange the road

31 Jan - 18 Feb 2017

STRANGE THE ROAD is a love letter to Chandler set in a noir world sometime between 1933 and 2033.

A love story told by famed storyteller FRENCHIE in the pulp vernacular with its cool style and nihilistic themes.

“You’re gonna lie? Lie BIG..small lies are cheap and help no-one.”


5 - 6 Feb 2017

A few weeks ago, you attempted to stay twenty nine forever.
You failed.
How do you explain the world you are in now? 

An extraordinary chain of memories and associations are explored in this unique solo piece from writer Chris Polites, fusing physical theatre and intimate storytelling.

mouths in a glass

21 - 25 Feb 2017
Mouths In A Glass Monologues is a colourful and at times absurd look into the minds and mouths of a variety of comedy women, including a doll disgruntled at her treatment, a frustrated psycho-therapist, a fragile housewife stuck in the wrong era and a Polish woman searching for sausage…

in other words

28 Feb - 18 Mar 2017

‘We were dancing.
I told a joke, you laughed.
Frank Sinatra was playing’

Join Arthur and Jane, at the beginning, as they tell us their story. IN OTHER WORDS is a heart-warming, intimate, and deeply moving exploration into Alzheimer’s disease and the transformative power of music in our lives.

kicked in the sh*tter

21 Mar - 8 Apr 2017

A new play about mental health in Britain today. Life is pretty sh*t when you’re trapped in a forever darkening world of in-compassionate government policy with no way out. Holding on to each other might be the only thing stopping you drown.

This isn’t poverty porn; there’s nothing sexy about despair.


11 - 29 Apr 2017

It’s been 5 years. Vic’s moved on. Charlie’s a medical mystery. And nothing’s making sense. Held together by their past, torn apart by their present and unsure if there even is a future.

David Lane’s thrilling two-hander explores love, loss and what happens when life goes on, but you can’t.


23 May - 10 June 2017

James, a photographer, makes zero money. His partner, Daniel, a banker, makes a lot of money. Frank likes James’ work and wants to give him money, but not for his work… 

Snapshot is a challenging and incisive examination of sexuality, fidelity, and our screwed up relationships in this modern world. 

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