1, 2, 8 & 9 Mar
Sun/Mon only

360° is an atmospheric two-hander, exploring the themes of addiction, loss and love.

After a year apart, Ellie and Phillip meet accidentally at their favourite bar, once magical and lively, now dusty and dark. Wine, dancing, laughter and bittersweet memories define their complicated relationship and opposing views of the world; 360 degrees – 10 degrees of his view, 10 degrees of hers, an exciting exploration of 20 degrees when the two perspectives meet, and a quest to shed light on the rest 340 degrees of possibilities, angles and truths. But what happens when the light disappears? After a year apart, for how much longer can you hold on to his afterimage? Passion leads to impulse but what happens when impulse becomes compulsive, intoxicating, deadly? With its original music and gripping visual elements, this show is a dark love letter, written to a past self; a heartfelt story of acceptance.

Box Office opens at 7.00pm for cash sales and collection of pre-booked tickets. The performance lasts 60 minutes without interval. No re-admittance once the performance has commenced.


Over 18s only. Due to pub licensing laws no one under the age of 18 is permitted into the building after 7pm.

Refunds and exchanges are not available.

graceful – POSTPONED

7 - 25 April

Due to recent Government advice regarding social distancing and isolation, this production has been postponed. New dates are to be announced.

When 17-year-old Grace’s alcoholic father checks himself into rehab, she is sent to live with his distant cousin, 38-year-old Rhonda, who ten years ago, had an abortion.

A young woman who’s never had a mother and grown woman who’s never had a daughter find themselves in roles they never expected.

have you heard about guy? – POSTPONED

19 & 20 Apr

Due to recent Government advice regarding social distancing and isolation, this production has been postponed. New dates are to be announced.

This is the story of two struggling actresses, Frank and George. As they suffer through humiliating commercial auditions, sleazy industry professionals, empty bank accounts, family pressures and jealousy, their drama school peer, Guy, is enjoying a meteoric rise to success.

talking back

7 - 8 June

TALKING BACK: A Night of Black Verbatim Theatre encompasses two plays: BLACK WOMEN DATING WHITE MEN & PRESENT BLACK FATHERS. BLACK WOMEN DATING WHITE MEN: interviews of Black women in relationships with white men. Expect talks of privilege, activism, & headscarves. PRESENT BLACK FATHERS: interviews that challenge the “absent Black father” stereotype. Funny, emotional, & sometimes too real.

period dramas

21 & 22 June

Ever wondered what Period Dramas would be like if they really were about Periods?

Period Dramas is a hilarious one-woman romp through the ages where stand-up, cabaret and tap dance collide to fill the gaps in the history books and interrogate the menstrual taboo both past and present.

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