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22 & 23 OCT


Bordel Boudoir



Sophia Astrina, Patrick Eden, Zoé Manset (The BB Group)

production team

Welcome to Bordel Boudoir, the witty and twisted tale of sibling love, loss, and high-end escorting. After losing their parents in a car crash, entrepreneur Dom and his stepsister Elle are left with a mountain of debt. To solve their financial woes, they come up with a rather unorthodox solution. 

Making the most of the glitter covered world they hail from, Elle embarks on the bumpy road that the ‘oldest job in the world’ paves for her. As boundaries between physical independence and emotional ordeal slowly fade into each other, we follow an exploration of the power struggles within sex work. 

But when Elle starts to act strange, and old demons lurk around the corners of her mind, Dom grows concerned and decides to act by inciting her to go back to therapy. Jumping back and forth between the comical memories of sibling discord and the darkness in her own past, Elle tries to come to terms with the gaps in her memory.

Join Elle on her reluctant visit to a young psychologist’s office where she searches for her own elusive memories in a darkly humorous quest for independence.

Latecomers may not be admitted. Please arrive in good time for the start time of 19:45.
Under 18s are not permitted into the theatre for this performance. 
No re-admittance once the performance has commenced. Refunds and exchanges are not available.

Sophia Astrina

Israeli Russian Sophia spent her childhood hopping from place to place before settling down in London, after years training as an actor and musician in Moscow. Sophia is an architect, and her keen awareness of space and human interaction found a new sounding board when she joined Drama Studio London MFA in professional acting in 2021. Her fairylike hands are put to good use when she dances, plays the piano or gives her tired actors head scratches

Emelia May Berkley

Emelia May is an actor from Liverpool based in London and the North. Her commitment to powerful storytelling in various genres was developed during her training in Musical Theatre at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts and on Drama Studio London’s MFA in professional acting from which she graduated in July 2023. When she’s not working on her film projects, like the award-winning horror short Did you Forget Something?, or leading a vigorous singing warmup for raucous actors, Emelia can be found organizing obstacle courses for her friends on
sunny park afternoons.

Patrick Eden

Patrick trained at Drama Studio London and received an MFA in Acting in 2023. He comes from a performance background, having trained at The London Contemporary Dance School in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and choreography. Patrick has performed in various independent film productions in Los Angeles and London, and has worked with the Opera Garnier de Paris.

Zoé Manset

French born, Hong Kong bred Zoé landed in London a few years ago to study Art History. After getting her fill of visual wonders she embarked on Drama Studio London’s MFA in professional acting in 2021. Zoé’s resonant voice is usually heard discoursing on the use of silk scarves in French haute couture, the absolute joy that is Pub culture or her dog Knight’s probable past life as a Hollywood diva.


Katrina Michaels


Sophia Astrina, Patrick Eden, Zoé Manset (The BB Group)


Sophia Astrina, Patrick Eden, Zoé Manset (The BB Group)

set designer

Sophia Astrina

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