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Collider Sessions



Sean Hollands

production team

The Collider Sessions are back!

Collider Sessions are playful spaces to offer ideas, meet creatives, and develop work with a diverse range of potential future collaborators. The sessions are open to any artist from any discipline, so come and experiment with your ideas!

How does it work?
1. Bring an idea. It could be something you are already working on, an early concept, or just something that interests you.
2. Share your idea with the group and get immediate feedback and responses.
3. Work in quick-fire groups to practically explore and create something.
4. Meet new creatives and leave feeling energised with fresh ideas.

Who are the sessions for?
The sessions are open to anyone, We believe that by sharing ideas we grow them with the help of new perspectives. You could be a theatre-maker, a writer, an actor, a poet, a dancer… We believe that by practically exploring your ideas with a diverse range of creatives, you will leave full of possibilities for your project!

What kind of ideas can I bring?
Your idea can be at any stage, but here are some examples of the kind of things we’ve looked at in the past:

* exploring broad themes through exercises and discussions
* reading scenes from new writing, published plays and poetry, to provide feedback
* creating movement sequences to test new approaches
* experimenting with writing tasks to develop new characters, scenes, and dialogue
* developing a marketing strategy for a touring show

What if I don’t have an idea?
No worries at all! If you just want to come and play, you are more than welcome!

The sessions are led and facilitated by the Fable Workshop team.

You must be 18 or over to attend these workshops.
Each workshop will run from 12.30pm until approximately 6.30pm, with plenty of breaks.
Refunds and exchanges are not available.


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