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Definitely Louise



Heath Netherton

"Powerful, emotional and dramatic. Her ability to hold an audience like that is one of wonder."


“Heath writes with brio and performs with a powerful combination of wit and raw emotion”

production team

“You’re supposed to be totally fucking crazy when you’re young! Crazy, but in a fun way”

From the comfort of her flat, an excitable, precocious, irrepressible woman with a dirty mouth and a lot to say, discusses life, her many opinions and her best friend, all the while avoiding the advances of her over-eager neighbour. At times both funny and moving, Definitely Louise explores themes of confidence and insecurities, friendship and loss, and finding your way in the modern world through a neurodiverse lens.

Alice is a ballsy, no-nonsense woman ready to tear into anything and anyone she deems ‘a fucking idiot’. Over an hour she hilariously lambasts everything from detox diets and ghosting to the audition process, leaving no-one safe from her acid tongue and quick put-downs. Discussing mental health, charity work and social media she indiscriminately derides the idiocy of the very generation that she so desperately wants to be accepted by.

Definitely Louise confronts the vulnerabilities and self-esteem issues that underlie even the most confident veneers. With a growing understanding of the true extent of undiagnosed ASD, particularly in women, and the masking techniques developed in order to survive, Heath Netherton looks at what it’s like to try to navigate a neurotypical world before you realise you’re outside of it.

Receiving rave reviews upon its premiere at Frome Festival with two sold-out dates before moving onto Brighton fringe and then a month-long run at the Gilded Balloon for Edinburgh Fringe, Definitely Louise has its London premiere at the Hope Theatre this November.

‘There’s a wit and audacity to Heath’s writing for sure, her emotional attachment to the material is flawless’
– The Stage

‘Her performance is electrifying from the first moment…Heath’s portrayal is one of extraordinary power and range…here is a person of startling talent’
– Theatre Bath

Latecomers may not be admitted. Please arrive in good time for the start.
Under-18s are not permitted into the theatre for this performance. 
No re-admittance once the performance has commenced. Refunds and exchanges are not available.

Heath Netherton

Heath Netherton has previously been seen starring as one of the 6 wives of Henry VIII in the highly acclaimed Regina Monologues, which won the Best Theatre award at Shaftesbury Fringe. She has also starred in feature film The Ketamine Diaries and the upcoming Kirsty’s Promise and recently won Best Actor for horror short Black As Before at Pompeywood Film Festival.

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Heath Netherton

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