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12 & 13 Jun


Letters To My Dead Mother



Ana Carolina Borges


Almiro Andrade & Najla Andrade

production team

People don’t feel comfortable talking about death. 
People don’t know what to say. 
But that’s the only time it feels real.

After losing her mum to cancer in March 2019, Ana started writing her letters as a coping mechanism. The subject of these letters would vary from random things that happened on her day, things that were going through her head, to deep raw feelings she was experiencing after her mum’s departure. Reading back these letters, she realized they told a story.

Letters To My Dead Mother is a one-woman, autobiographical show about grief: its stages and the radically contrasting ways it manifests itself.

Death is, inevitably, part of one’s life. Grief comes in the package for the ones around it. Yet, most grievers feel like a burden when talking about their losses. Grief is always a good subject to avoid, unless you want to kill the mood or ruin someone’s day.

Ana unapologetically puts hers on stage.

And she promises you’re down to have a good time if you come along for the ride.

Latecomers may not be admitted. Please arrive in good time for the start time of 7:45pm.
Under 18s are not permitted into the theatre for this performance. 
No re-admittance once the performance has commenced. Refunds and exchanges are not available.

Ana Carolina Borges

Ana is an actor, playwright and independent producer.
She trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts (UK), Effort Productions (UK), Odin Teatret (Denmark) and TESCOM (Brazil).
Ana has an extensive career having performed in multiple theatre, film & voice over productions. Her main credits include the voice over performances in Netflix series inclusing 'Story of Diana', 'Lock Up', 'Battlefish', and 'Derren Brown - The Push'.
Letters To My Dead Mother is her debut play.


Ana Carolina Borges


Catherine Barros


Lis Ricci

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