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16 & 17 APR


Lost Personhood: The Nuggets Anthology


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Are authentic selves only attainable in our own safe spaces? Is acceptance only possible through compromise? Can we really be understood through our words, raw and uncensored?

Lost Personhood: The Nuggets Anthology includes three short pieces, exploring the struggle and hope of building connections between alienated individuals in a stifling society. Through puppetry and object theatre, the show unveils the essence and uncanniness of being human.

To Think Inside the Box explores the dissonance between individuality and socialisation. Clara is a quirky antique doll who desires friendship until she is purchased by a little girl who brainwashes her with a nursery rhyme.

Skin Deep represents the agony of gender dysphoria and the liberation of being recognised as one’s authentic self.

I Wear My Heart on My Sleeve is a modern, metropolitan tale of how a man and a woman come together to bridge the gap between their alienated selves and the rest of the highly social, mechanical world, trying to overcome their haunting childhoods.

Chicken Shop Hermits is a new company that focuses on puppetry, object, and experimental theatre. By tackling themes of identity, belonging and alienation, they combine these interests with their international origins.

Latecomers may not be admitted. Please arrive in good time for the start time of 19:45.
Under 18s are not permitted into the theatre for this performance. 
No re-admittance once the performance has commenced. Refunds and exchanges are not available.

Hector T. J. Huang

Chiara Scoglio

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