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18 DEC


Performing Monologues workshop, with Cameron Raasdal-Munro


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Join us at The Hope Theatre for a transformative series of workshops and talks designed to unite and uplift working-class and queer individuals. This inclusive event aims to create a space where artists at all stages in their career from these vibrant communities can gather, fostering a platform for sharing experiences, fostering connections, and discovering new opportunities. No matter your level of expertise, these workshops offer a unique chance for individuals to come together, celebrate diversity, and empower each other through the joy of creative expression.

Monday 18th December, 3.30pm: Performing Monologues workshop, with Cameron Raasdal-Munro

Get ready to dive into the world of the writers mind! In this sixty-minute workshop, we’re not just dissecting scripts; we’re unlocking the secrets, playing with the words, and seizing every opportunity the writers have thrown our way. If the stage sometimes feels like a battlefield of nerves, or if your creative process seems to be stuck in quicksand, fear not—this workshop is tailor-made for you!

Together, we’re breaking down monologues and tapping into the writer’s intentions. It’s not just about understanding the words; it’s about infusing them with the pure, unbridled joy that only an actor can bring. Choose a piece that resonates with you, or go for something completely different—either way, we’re on a mission to unite your artistic voice with the writer’s vision. Let’s turn your monologue into a masterpiece of passion, play and joy! The life of an artist can be a struggle, but we do it because we love it. Let’s connect with that love and have fun! 

Cameron is a writer, producer and actor from St Leonard’s. His play Gangsta Baby will debut at the Hope in January 2024.

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