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The Best Pints



Jack Gallagher


Kay Dent

'raucously funny play'

London Theatre 1

'heartfelt portrayal of friendship, vulnerability and unity that leaves the audience with a smile on their face'

production team

 ‘What’s the best pint you ever had?’

And not just the best as in the ‘nicest’, but the one that “made a moment…enhanced an already great moment…comforted you in a moment of distress…just, in general, made your life better?”  At one point or another – more than likely 10 pints deep in a bar called the ‘[insert random number here] Crowns’ – we’ve all asked our mates that question.

In FishMail Productions’ comedy play The Best Pints, directed by Kay Dent and written by Jack Gallagher, Gerry (Warren Rusher) poses that question to his two best friends Steve (Matthew Blaney) and David (Tarik Badwan) during their regular Friday night drinking session in their local pub.  

What follows is the three best mates telling one another stories of parenthood, love, loss, addiction and the Yakuza (yes, that Yakuza).

After a sold-out performance at the White Bear Theatre, FishMail Productions brings The Best Pints to Hope Theatre in January 2023 to ask the question ‘what’s the best pint you ever had?’ all over again. 


Warren Rusher


Matthew Blaney


Tarik Badwan


Jack Gallagher


Kay Dent


Niall McCarthy

lighting designer

Can Avni

sound designer

Kay Dent

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