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4 & 5 DEC


The Not-12 Days of Not-Christmas



Lila Robirosa


Lill Worden

production team

If on the first day of Christmas your true love gives you a partridge in a pear tree, what do they give you every other day of the year? Indestructible thrush, clumsy coming outs and brutal break-ups. But why isn’t that part of the song?

Well, it is now.

A pawn in her own life-sized board game, Lila dishes out a smorgasbord of not-so-festive confessions at the mercy of the roll of the dice. Follow her as she laughs, lip syncs and cringes from square to square in a dizzying voyage of queer confusion and chaos.

Get your game-face on. Get ready to unlock the secrets lying within The Not-12 Days of Not-Christmas.

The dice is in your hands.

‘Lila joyously sits with the absurd parts of her life and celebrates their cringy power, making us laugh and relate.’
– G’s Theatre Blog

Lila Robirosa is a comedy performer whose autobiographical work probes at the more awkward topics surrounding queer, female sexuality. Her confessional style aims to find humour in the most deliciously cringe-worthy moments. Director Lill Worden has been collaborating with Lila throughout the pandemic. She supports and develops new work that is relatable, provocative and funny.

Please arrive in good time for the start time of 19:45.
Under 18s are not permitted into the theatre for this performance. 

Refunds and exchanges are not available.

Lila Robirosa


Lila Robirosa

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